Timelapse: Color Grading | HALCYON

Earlier today I posted up a timelapse video of some color grading process for the upcoming Tuner Evo LA film, and had a few requests to throw it up on YouTube, so why not! In this video, you’ll…

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  • Great work as usual. Have you tried using davici a lot easier especially if you want to track a mask. When you shoot rollers at night, do you still shoot on s-log? how do you manage to keep the image really sharp at night and not have that much noise in the image? thanks

  • Are you using a polarizer on the raw footage or just doing post correction?

  • Beat is refreshing AF

  • you are a master, thanks for share

  • The real magic lays in the editing 😮

  • what app do you use to edit

  • honest to god I just have this video on loop while I am editing. Puts me at ease

  • I don't know anything about editing but that was dope

  • Am I really the only one that prefers the original? The 'after' looks like one of those simple overly-contrasted stock filters that come on your phones pic editing software that just blasts the entire pic with color, making the colors too sharp/vibrant, and the dark areas too dark, removing detail, such as in the dark/black/shadowed areas of the gtr itself, its wheels etc, detail ends up being masked by the heavy over contrasting. I liked the cool air-crisp chili ambiance /weather type of 'feeling' the first RAW clip conveyed, that actually matched the overcast looking/whiteish sky and how the car and its details were clearly visible, very light on the eye, yet still pleasing, not overly heavy and filtered and blatantly altered or 'try-hard' as the edited scene looks. Not hating/flaming/trolling, no need for anyone to be butthurt by this.

  • This gets me wet

  • Woll. Perfeito.

  • Dude FOOKIN sick!  More BTS stuff please!

  • Pretty sick what u can do with such thing

  • cant really get any doper than HALCYON.

  • I wonder how Krispy does color grading with FCP. I see he uses FCP to edit when I watch is IG stories.

  • Where do you learn all of this stuff? Incredible!

  • Halcyon working the magic! Oh, commented with the wrong account. Like I said love it. Can't wait to see it. -Trvlogs

  • What's your SLOG2 Settings and do you always run SLOG2 for video or do you switch to Cine4 for darker shots? I notice a lot of noise at not so high ISO when trying to do any type of log even when overexposing 1-2 stops?

  • this is freaking art

  • Thx for sharing! Why keeping the sharpness -7 in camera to then bring it back up after? Aren't you loosing detail that way?

  • HAL-SCION FOR 100K 2018

  • this is premiere pro?


  • I cOuLd Do ThE sAmE wItH a CaMeRa As GoOd As YoUrS

  • I have Premiere.. Im not good at all with it lol. tried one of those still by the waterfront videos on my Z and I couldn't get anything to go right lmao. I wanna know next time you're in philly I would love to have you do even a few pictures and one short roller of my car. By far the best car cinematographer on youtube.

  • Alright class, let's give this man a big THANK YOU!!!

  • That is gold. Serious detail. Wondering if you go this in depth on most clips??

  • It's a great idea to show all the craft behind every upload. Keep it up. Kudos from France

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