• Honestly I’ve been waiting for this “How to weld” video from Dan forever

  • What about welding something not flat. Like a pipe on a roll cage. Is there a different way? Or like when you’re not on a table

  • The welding vid was dope as hell, and the car was nuts. But them dbz android series episodes in the back got me goin. Db super livery on the fd is a must. Get that ssg goku fighting jiren jank going on yesterday bro.

  • Can you do a how to tig?

  • That’s 1000 time what the chevette originally had

  • Nads mustache is awesome

  • Dan is such a decent guy

  • I like to watch and maintain the white spot in the puddle as I move forward. Between that and the sound (of frying bacon, yummy), I can gauge the quality of my weld real-time.

  • Did anyone else see the powerade bottle in the back of the Chevette?

  • Miller makes the sickest TIG machines IMO

  • Auto dark hoods are the best

  • So how do I get to Come weld for Hoonigan?

  • hey guys dunno if every one will want to but i made a facebook group for a universal drift community if any one wants to join feel free https://www.facebook.com/groups/theuniversaldriftcommunity/?ref=br_rs wanting to get the hole world connect would be awesome

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  • Fun fact on auto darkening welding masks. If it does not tint, it protects your eyes just as much as when it tints. The difference is that the visual light makes it through but it does not damage your eye's… It does though make you nearly blind for a few minutes Hahaha!

  • For auto set it doesnt make up for poor technique it only sets the correct wire speed for the amperage you chose. And more often than not its a little too high so youll have to raise or lower the wire speed guage size auto set amount to trick itself to lower the speed. Its best to just learn how to dial it in your self cause many times youll be in a funky area with not normal conditions and youll need to know that (this particular weldment may burn therough at the heat i have to use so ill turn the wire speed down) otherwise youll be fighting yourself the whole length of of the joint with that being said dan knows his shit so kids listen up i just wanted to address that. Being an ironworker and pipe welder for years ive learned that its best to teach new welders to learn the propper way to set up and clean the machine. Keep your tips clean change your liner and put an ear plug or clip a napkin to the inlet for the wire on the inside of the machine where the wire feeds into the gun to rub all the dirt offf the material. Best of luck and keep burnin

  • Top tip: when welding always keep the angle of your nozzle 15 degrees away from the direction of travel rather than directly perpendicular, this way the shielding gas stays directly on and slightly in front of your puddle, dragging the nozzle the opposite way is guaranteed to make your welds weak and full of porosity because you are literally blowing the shielding gas away from what you're welding with the shielding gas that's coming out of the nozzle

  • Get them backwards C's going on lol

  • The welds doesn't look that good btw, i'm a photowelder so every weld has te be checked

  • I have a speedglas 3m

  • As a welder u shouldnt move the arc by pushing it if u want a strong weld sure its pretty but not a proper weld u need to have a pulling motion to it to get the melt deeper

  • Do a "how to pick up chicks" with hert and gary

  • Who else would wife up Dan in a heartbeat?

  • Filipe Bueno, nao sei porque lembrei de você ao assistir esse vídeo. @autosuper da um salve ae. #paunosubaru #autosuperbr #chevetteapturbo

  • Love the welding segment. Y’all should do more.

  • Did y'all just give us time stamps at the beginning? Damn y'all are thinking of everything!

  • When my dad taught me to weld, it was a stick welder… and “get close, now, close your eyes!” Later he got me a mask. But that was before the automatic ones. It was a flip down!

  • honestly, gets a like for the end let alone everything else in this episode. cant stop laughing

  • Fuck ls fest. Let's keep watching the Broly saga.

  • I remember my first weld. It was my only weld. God i miss welding.

  • No love for team four star in the background?

  • fyi hoonigan;
    camera man always getting the way while people doughnuts thus making people stop early and crappy doughnuts. Get out the way and stop tryna get close up shots like you kid in a sideshow on friday night. This my pet pieve about hoonigan. Your looking very un-professional out their.

  • Actually for once, not a scumbag.. Nice person and ultimate sleepr car!

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