• I really like the sticker on the bonnet can u put a link plz or tell me where u got it from thx

  • I love the stock set

  • I'm looking to buy a R53 as a weekend car, just got slightly put off reading all the problems mini's have. From research seems the R53 is the pick what years would you recommend and mileage? any tips and advice buying a used one are they super problematic costly?

  • Oooo…those side panels where the 'S' badge is were lovely where did you get those my friend…also wanted to ask you is it possible to swap out parts from the cooper sport r53 and convertable R52 with the regular R50 04 plate…wanted to add a spoiler and maybe those lovely side skirts that look like they have air ducts onto my R50…thanks for the videos this is an awesome channel

  • Do you think I could get all those mods for $5,000? I have a 03 R53

  • euro 2 or euro 1 megan coils?

  • 9:47 passes prius with supercharger whining like crazy!

  • Where did you got this cool looking mid mirror? I really don't like the stock mid mirror.

  • whats the 0 to 60 time, and top end ??

  • Some time if U would some time I have a 2003 mini and just got a 2007 s automatic if u do some vids on best options for 07 automatic that would be cool. Thx dan

  • Your Mini is DONE RIGHT! Thumbs up!

  • How loud did the RMW headers make it? I was looking into those but figured they would make the car too loud and I wasn't sure if the power gains were worth it either in addition to low end torque loss. Where in the RPM range do you notice power gains from the header?. I have a stock 2005 JCW so I am already pushing 200hp. Thank you

  • Where did you get the aero grill?

  • Pretty much doing the same build to my 2004 JCW. The RMW cam, head, header, tune, 550 injectors, a Craven 17% pulley, Cabrio braces and finally a NM rear sway bar. Thank you for all the tips!

  • hi love you videos can you do video about the cost of you mini mods

  • You did not mention the Eye balls under the hood decal and the expanded mirror. super awesome. I have the 06 version of this Same color Just different speedometer and tack are above steering wheel and crono guages in the center.
    You mentioned the paint of the lights and baking them some how. Do you have a diy vid of this mod. I would enjoy seeing that.

  • I've just bought an 03 it's had a kav 17%reduced pully and a ramair induction kit. It was done by a specialist mini performance garage. It has full service history etc and is in pretty good nick. Bit worried would of preferred a stick one but they were all no history etc. I've seen people saying 17 percent is to much without changing the intercooler. It's driven mainly by the wife and w9nt be driven hard just the odd blast around the b roads. Do i need to worry about the intercooler? Should I just get it put back to normal?? We've just had a really bad experience spending a lot of money on a ds3 thp that is just knackered and has been crashed before hand.( nightmare getting them to take the car back) we've spent the last of our savings on the mini and I'll be gutted if it goes bang. It's just had a new mot and the only advisory was a tyre close to limit and a pitted disc but not bad. Seems genuine just worried about the pully work. It sounds fine no weird rattle bangs nothing actually ticks over pretty quiet . What should I look out for? Weird burning smells and over heating??

  • With all of that tuning, I'm sure you had to get some software. Any you recommend? I'm new to the mini work from VW and my go to's like AWE or APR don't offer tunes for anything older than the chassis F56

  • Would a 2005 cooper s automatic transmission handle this kind of power?

  • Congrats Mod Mini ! I also have same mini, same year same colour. Can you please tell me where can I buy the decal Revolution Mini Works, also the rally number on the doors ? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great job, love your videos.

  • Nice car, love the mods! I watched two of your videos before I figured out you're in NW Washington. I've been away from there, living in Asia for two years. I miss home, and my MINI!

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