GTA Car Kits — Mini Cooper 2001-2006 install of iPhone, iPod and AUX adapter for factory stereo

http://www.gtacarkits.com/mini_cooper_2001_2006_car_kit.php — installation instruction for iPhone, iPod, AUX, mp3 adapter into factory stereo of Mini Cooper for …

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  • Is this product still available? I NEED IT FOR A 2003 mINI cOOPER cANADIAN

  • Mi Mini Cooper no baja totalmente la tapa Es convertible de pronto hiso eso

  • I need one to mini cooper 2004

  • i need this 😀 anyone know where to get one

  • tenho um radio DVD gostava d por no mine cooper d ano 2008 gostava d saber como poço emcontar a datação para estalar o radio DVD

  • tenho um radio DVD gostava d por no mine cooper d ano 2008 gostava d saber como poço emcontar a datação para estalar o radio DVD

  • Just watched the video, i bought a R53 a couple of months ago I didn't know i had a GTA car kit…and this video helped a lot with the modes etc. Thank you 
    Keep it on you tube!

  • does this work with the harmon kardon system?

  • Hi there, 

    I've just bought a Mini One D from 2003 and my radio is almost the same as yours except for the volume button (with me it is smoothly round). Can anyone tell me for sure if I need the round or flat pin adapter?
    Would be handy to know before I start with the operation so I can do it all at once… Installing another radio that is.

    Kind regards,


  • hi, nice video, but the link is broken dude! 🙁 you know where can I buy this item?

  • from where can i get the kit for mini cooper s 2002 please

  • no mini cooper kit available …

  • Where can you buy one like you have in the video? The mini cooper option doesn't show up in the link. Thanks!

  • Hi 

    I'm having trouble find the right kit for my 2006 min, I have went through the link you have provided but the page is black. On the gtakit website there is no mini cooper option. please help

  • I see we can't buy this on your website anymore, any other places I could buy one?

  • Does it make calls?

  • no, the cd changer will still work the same way.

  • I got the radio unit out and checked if all cables where connected, but that wasn't the problem. I saw some kind of fuse (with a number 2 on it) and got it out and back in. Now it works again!

  • I'm from austria! But it would be to expensive if i woul buy it in america. Is there no shop in europa?

  • i'm from austria!

  • thanks. saved me time!!!!!

  • Does that cancel out the actually cd changer?


  • Just installed mine and if you or anybody else is having problems read on. I tried to follow this video but on my 05 mini cooper S the panels were not falling like this dude said they would. What I did and you guys can do if you are having this problem is to unscrew the same screws this guy unscrewed. Then remove the screws that are on the front cup holder and the ashtray. Then you will have to remove the little panel that adjusts your side mirrors and the 2 screws inside and that should do it.

  • thanks for the great instruktions

  • Just got a 2003 mini cooper s, is it also a flat pin when you disconnect the wire fromt he radio?

  • I have a 2003 Mini Cooper and it works fine! Easy installation 🙂

  • I had exactly the same problem. What you need to do is to remove 4 additional screws. Two are located in the front cup holders and are easy to get at. There are two more underneath the control panel that moves the wing mirrors. You'll need to pry the cover off with something, and be careful not to damage the trim. Do a google image search for "replace mini cooper radio" and you'll find pictorial instructions. Finally, the kit only works (for me) when the key is turned to position 1.

  • @gtacarkits will this work for a 2002 mini one in the uk?

  • i have a 2003 mini cooper, i just bought a Sony stereo, also i ordered a harness and some kind of antenna cord, so everything is working when connected, but no sound, i connected every wire to its proper position, but still no sound……plz respond a.s.a.p.

  • Does it work with a Mini One 2003? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi There, I owned a Mini Cooper 2009 model in Singapore. Would appreciate if you could show me the installation instruction of the GTA car kit into the factory stereo system for my Mini.

  • what kind of mini cooper do you have

  • /watch?v=fHEIU7ajlH4&feature=youtu.be

    i have this problem after i install this.. any help will be nice..

  • Have you had any electrical issue after install?

  • Hey kpiza, i had the same issue with my gf's mini. The silver panel around the speedometer above the radio needs to come out slightly in order for the side pieces to be removed. Its attached w clips and one screw which is upside down inside the glove compartment. Loosening this silver panel enabled me to remove the side pieces which allowed me to get to the radio. Other than that install was a piece of cake!

  • so this wouldn't work on mini one?

  • I have a 2004 mini cooper s, and the side panels holding the radio won't come off. I have tried different things, none of them work. I don't want to apply unnecessary roughness.Your video make it seem so easy, am I doing something wrong? I appreciate any helpful information

  • thank you… good instructions, good video!

  • my cd player is the one with no mp3 support. Just CD player and Radio

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