• I'm new to the classic mini world. I have an 83 with manual gearbox so that should take 4.8 liters of oil. Looking at getting my wife an early 90s with a automatic transmission. I would assume that the auto doesn't share oil with the engine. What capacity would that have?

  • hi can you give some idia about how to adjust clutch? for classic mini

  • Is this a 1275cc? I noticed it's a newer fuel injected one. Did they make the 1000cc FI as well?

  • Another great video, thanks for the upload.

    Another alternative to the magnetic sump plug is to place a few (3-5) strong magnets on the oil filter a week before changing the oil as all of the oil has to pass through the filter sooner or later. This will trap all the swarf from the oil in the filter which you can then throw away remembering to rescue the magnets first.

  • great, thanks guys keep it up

  • Hi stevestonmotorco, I've subscrived you some time agora, and i love to see youre videos, they are very helpfull, however i cant understand what is the size of the drain plug that you make. Does it feats for more cars?? Keep with the good work and keep doing more great videos.

  • hey I noticed your oil filter is from MiniSpares. But can I use any screw-on filter?

  • On gearboxes with central oil pick up, I prefere to put the longer sump plug with the spring load magnet on it. This way, The magnet sit just next the oil pick up. For every Mini I fill the oil filter before install, it takes less time to the oil pump to build pressure and avoid any damage. A good thing went you rebuild a gearbox , is to put a second magnet on the back of the gearbox where the oil pick up meets the engine. @Miniolic (instagram)

  • Great video thank you.

  • That drain plug looks really nice. Question: does anyone remember the extended magnet drain plugs that were the upgrade some years back? Seem like everyone switched to super strong rare earth magnets now (which is awesome) BUT what about combining the two? So, you extend a rare-earth magnet further in (like the old upgrades) so that it lives closer to the oil pickup? Best of both worlds.

    A good idea when changing the oil is to remove the oil filler cap. It will help the oil flow out better. Something else I tend to do when changing the oil is to lift the rear of the car a bit. The diff hangs off the back of the trans and I like to make sure all the oil from that area if making its way towards the front right, where the drain plug is.

    Your grill mount is very nice and clean as well. Keep up the clever ideas and amazing videos.

  • Such a shame the shipping to the uk is $52 id love one of these plugs but cant justify the cost

  • You ever put a big magnet on the oil filter?

  • Please make a tutorial of how you converted your hood latch to an in car hood latch

  • Holy… Wow that's a lot of metal floating around in that crankcase. How long do these engines typically last with the stock drain plug if properly maintained?

  • Your videos are so simple and well produced. Thank you!

  • Finally, a DIY video that is easy to follow and well filmed/ explained for beginners. Love the tips about the clutch and drain plug! I hope you keep these coming for all Classic Mini DIY maintenance (routine and preventative), especially the one's less known/ or filmed.

    Really great job guys!

  • Good Video!
    A thought passed on by my late father, who was an engine re conditioner, and built race engines, is to fill the oil filter before screwing back on. This puts a little more oil in the engine, and helps all the moving parts on that first start. The filter will soak up the oil on the first fill, so a quick half fill and the screw it on. It shouldn't spill. You will notice the oil pressure light goes out quicker on the first start.

  • There's something so therapeutic about changing oil. Dipping the finger into oil and lubing the filter gasket, one of my favorite parts of an oil change haha.

  • Great video,I have a 67 998 with oil cooler.When changing oil does all the oil come out of the cooler when draining,also do you have to add more oil when filling.

  • What kind of dashboard do you have in the little intro clip?? Looks amazing 😀

  • I love your videos. And I need a couple of drain plugs.

    We do things a little different during the oil change. We add a product call CamShield for a greater amount of zinc. We also fill the filter as full as we can before installing it. This makes sure you don’t have a lag of pressure before pressure is reached.

  • I don't even own a classic mini but I still enjoyed watching this!

  • I own a '76 Mini and for the past 20'ish years I've used Castrol grand-prix 20w50 4-stroke motorcycle oil because 4-stroke motorcycles share Engine and transmission oil in the same way the A-series engines in Minis do.
    I also installed racing knock-off pins so the grille is removed by undoing two threaded bits. 10/10 would recommend.

  • your workshop is the MINI living room !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, I was just about to wonder how I should proceed to do my first oil change on the Mini and here you are! Thanks!

  • I like the way you instal the front grill, can you make a video about that, I'm totally in it

  • Do a video on how and were you source your parts. How to deal with the shipping, import tax, etc. Do from the Canadian perspective. Please

  • Thanks!
    I guess i‘ll do it myself next year ;)!

  • Your videos are incredibly informative! They're extremely helpful as I prepare to purchase my first classic mini. Just throwing this out there, could you make a video covering things to know when buying your first mini? Maybe common issues to watch out for with different models. A buyer's guide so to speak. Thanks!

  • Regarding the magnet it also makes sense to stick these strong magnets on/around the oil filter. There you can put a lot more magnets. This way the small pieces stay in the filter.

  • Almost none of this is applicable to a Clubman. You round nose guys have it rough.
    This is great ad for your drain plugs. I’m totally going to order 1.

  • Where do we buy these drain plugs of yours? Can you post to the Uk

  • Do you ever fill the filter with oil before installing it? I use that same oil. seem to work well

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