• For the record, you can do everything from the BC buttton on the stalk as you can with the speedo display. You can reset the trip and gas and mph and even set the clock. You can reset all your service intervals and all that too. It shows you how in your owners manual

  • Very skilled and really well presented. I like the look of the original set up though..

  • I made u get to 100k

  • well I've a 2008 R55 clubman S & I've almost completed my double din install

    I'm saying kind of, as I'm awaiting a new aerial due to my pioneer stereo not being Dab enabled so I'm needing to refer back to old school

    anyway for a car with built in sat nav, parking aides etc once the double din is installed you loose it all. loosing the built-in sat-nav due to the sat-nav map/disk being removed & that takes all the controls away from the central screen so its now totally blank.

    Again with the central screen now being blank due to no signal from the stereo/sat-nav control units the parking aide reverse sensors don't ping anymore so that system is redundant.

    Also the 2 cup holders are also very limited now as any large can of pop/drinks will block the window switches or simply not fit, also the little cubby area forward of the gear stick is also now a lot smaller.

    to-do the job it'll take the best part of 3-4hours, easily 30-45mins removing all the dash that needs to be removed as its a lot "but is very easily done!" installing the stereo is again basic with only slight mods required for final fitment ie

    extending the stereo bold holes to give final fitment a good finish.

    trimming the replacement fascia to allow full function of the stereo & to allow the heater buttons to work, ie heated seat button catches with the fascia hence trimming of the insides required

    I've used the connect2 fascia & kit found all over ebay/amazon… again my radio issue I believe is down to DAB compatibility hence the aerial change.

    the overall benefits "the stereo sound sounds soooooooo much better!" I've played 1 cd & enjoyed every second compared to the basic stereo, also the function & basic options you've a much wider choice. any other functions I've not noticed to have lost any, except for now adjusting the clock on the tacho (unless I've turned blonde I cant remember how to adjust that) however the stereo has a large time display etc

    anyway for anyone wanting to do the job I'd highly suggest doing so

  • That takes a while a lot to install this thing!

  • 4:00 That secret compartment is what i used to put my stereo in, it fits perfectly and the lid closes too.

  • I think is better use a plastic tool for take off de plastic parts ????

  • Can anyone tell me what the part number is for the antenna

  • how much did all the equipment cost please

  • one of my biggest things is you cant change the time on the drivers side dash if you do this.

  • Do you still have your old radio for that mini Cooper SS

  • I installed the Pioneer AppRadio 4 in 2014 into my 2011 S Convertible. Same kit, but I trimmed and mounted the original stock CD player (with 150 MP3s on a "permanently" inserted CD) behind the speedo to retain the controls and display in the speedo.

  • Holy Shit, the old one was better

  • What was your solution for the Sirius XM antenna? Does it tie into your existing antenna or did you use the one that came with the Sirius XM tuner. My car already had XM on the stock radio so I am trying to avoid installing another antenna.

  • Yup there’s something in the order of 50 screws to remove, some hid behind bits of trim on dash top. Much fun. The Cooper S is supercharged by the way, not turbocharged. Just thought I’d mention that.

  • Where did you connect the power source?

  • Where did you connect the power source of the double din? Or was it plug and play?

  • Nice my friend sold my son his 2002 for 1$. Yup 1$.

  • Is there like an easier DIY solution to simply install a bluetooth connection or a CD Changer emulator without pulling the whole dash apart?

  • Dude I have to say that your video to remove audio helped me a lot today!!! that's a great job you did here. I just wanna thank you from France for this great help for me today.

  • Nice, where you found this kit? 😀

  • Great video! I spoke to an installer who said that I might have an amp driving my speakers. Did you have to wire for an existing amp? Apparently the Minis that came with the Harman Kardon sound system had a separate amp. my '08 has two door speakers and I am thinking it might be using an amp as a crossover?.

  • During your install you plugged the factory Aux plug from factory wiring harness back in its location then you plugged it into the back of your aftermarket radio. While doing this you said you “made” the patch cable? How did you do this in order to retain factory plug on one end and 3.5 jack on other end that plugs into radio? Thank you in advance for any response. I am only swapping to an aftermarket radio in my Cooper because the aux button on the factory radio does not show up as an option even though it has the factory aux port installed on bottom of radio panel right next to that cover that has to be cut down next to the aux port. It is weird that mine has the factory installed aux port and factory wiring going from it up to and plugged into the factory radio (ran through the factory loom even). Not sure why my aux does not show under “mode” button on radio.

  • Excelente maestro

  • Is this the same process for the 2010?

  • Very nice video. Can I trust and buy one from this site http://www.cartrendthings.com/mini-cooper-android-gps-navigation-radio/55106361.html? After I buy it, is it easy to learn installation according to your video? Or anyone have good and reliable source to buy one which is easy to install? I am not fimilar to electronics.

  • how many inch ?

  • I actually like the stock radio quite a bit, but it's not nearly loud enough for a convertible.

  • First off, thanks. Simple with the descriptions and clear. I was able to do the same thing at the same time with little pausing or skipping. Very good video.

    Now, I'm trying to diagnose a button issue. Those selection buttons for the radio, some work and some don't. Primarily the middle guys. So I figure there's some debris between the plastic button/membrane/switch. I got to the point of removing the speedometer before other things pulled me away.

    Question is: does that sound like the right thought process? Can you get into the interior that deep? Or do I just need to search for a new set of buttons or speedometer? Any insight is appreciated.

  • Uses all metal tools to disassemble plastic dash parts…. Lays down a towel to protect his workbench…. Brilliant! Great info but the tools (while effective) were cringe-worthy to see being used/in action. I know it was a 9 year old car at the time the video was published but even then I think a good set of nylon pry tools were about $15. Major testament to the scratch resistant to those Mini plastics…. Again, not being a hater here — still probably the best video on the topic I've seen!

  • Would've been easier to buy a newer Mini.

  • The Cosmic Game, good choice. Nice Album

  • I apologize if this is a stupid question, but did you need to buy any adapters for the new radio? If so, where did you buy them?

  • Do you have to use the chimes kit?

  • Any way you could post a diagram of how you wired it? That would be extremely helpful.

  • Nice Jop !!!!!

  • Can you add a link for the installation kit?

  • Hi there! It would be great if you can add the purchase links for hole set =p Thanks in advance!!!!

  • Just Installed a New Sony CarPlay Stereo to my Mini Cooper Coupe 2013, thanks to this video. Kudos for the awesome Job!

  • THX! Your video helped me to break down my 2009 Mini S & saved me big bucks on changing out my non working radio. Only spent $100 on a used one. I changed out the 3 circuit boards & main unit with my existing good clean front parts. Luckily I didn't have to get it reprogrammed. (it's so important to buy the right compatible unit) It was a long process but it was well worth it all! After 5 longs months I finally got a working radio again!

  • My non-tech savvy parents just got one of these. It is a disgusting setup. It's gonna take me weeks to show them how to work it.

  • Where can i geht this parts???

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