• That’s word it should be ricers there is no purpose.

  • Stance is pointless to me

  • im pretty confuse about stance, yeah people like it, but itll decrease the performance/safety of your car, its like lady gaga with her weird clothes or like eating rice with your feet

  • Really unnecessary, ugly ASF, it damaging the car, can't take any bump. Even to go get some gasoline they have to carefully claim the entrance cuz they can lose something or the bumpers LMAO…

  • You're wrong! You're wrong! I'm right!


  • Your a ricer buy some rims for that teggy joint is ugly

  • Short answer: No, but it still looks like a 600 pound man stepped on a hotwheels car.

  • Is stance the new generation of rice? Yes.
    Explanation: "Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements"
    -Widebody: Serves usually no purpose since your car is probably stock.
    -Wide wheels: Usually on a car with 7-9" wheel base, then using instead 14" wide wheels, with again, no engine modification.
    -Stretched tires: Need an explanation?
    -Bags: Comeon bruh. Air ride suspension isn't performance, no matter how much you want to try to defend this.
    -Big 'Battle Aero' wing: Not entirely one company; But really… A giant wing for virtually no purpose.

    You can lump all of that into "Is your engine stock?" And then ask the next question: "What do you consider stock?" and followup with the final question: "Are you slower, faster or the same speed as a completely bone stock variation of your car?" If all of that sums up to: "Yes my engine is stock (somewhat stock) and is slower or equal speed to a bone stock variation of my car but stance is lyf bruh" *hits vape*, then yes, you're a 2018 ricer. Congrats on your otherwise useless investment; since you had to cut away your front and rear fenders (and some inner fenders?!), bolted on a giant wing off most of your rear end, and decked out all of your considerably normal suspension with an otherwise useless one, you possibly won't get more than the value of your wheels for the car. Also, congrats on buying fake wheels.

    Note: I am saying this because 95% of any Instagram 'stance' cars I see have nearly BONE STOCK engines, with very little (or no) changes to the performance of the vehicle, other than negative. Likewise, they usually cheap out somewhere down the line, be it with the imitation body kit (which is already a trash riveted mess LOL) or fake cast variations of multi-piece wheels. Watching a $3,000 Honda Civic have this done doesn't bother me, and is fine. Watching a $40,000 Subaru turn into a $10,000 resale (privately) is kind of sad and poor choice.

    NOW: What if the person had a modified engine and some of these modifications? I can say it depends. If they have a widebody with far wider wheels and make like 700whp on a car that made like 300whp; As long as they have proper tire size, this is fine. Giant wing? Depends on 'why', because 'it looks cool' isn't really an answer lol. It's one thing if it was a manufacture rice thing (Like the wings on some cars cough type r), if without any 'performance' standpoint in mind, then usually it becomes a 'RICE' thing.

    What about bags/air ride? Useless. I mean, it works if your entire purpose is a comfortable ride; But as for race..uh are you high? LOL. Clearly, if you think this is a race thing.

    /end rant.

  • Stance is another modification to your car if you went to japan like where just like guy's camber the car you get your influence from. You would be complaining all the time because their are so many crazy mods their that wouldn't make since to. See in Japan they don't waist time worrying sout how another chooses to mod their. It's not a mod to make look like it is going faster it's just for looks. I'm 37 in Atlanta we were already modding are cars with all that stuff back then before fast and the furious. We did a lot of stuff that didn't make sense guys were straight pipe their car and putting bro speed tips cause mufflers were like 700 dollar's dudes were cutting springs cause wasn't a lot available. Wheels sticking out with stretch tires is not new in the 80s and early 90s guy's were doing that. Like the whole body kits and neon that didn't start with fast and the furious. Just like guy's putting roof racks on cars that's not new like right minitruck are coming back guys were putting body kits neon roof racks and 15×10 wheels with stretch tires . When think of fixing up a car that is a style of japan don't just think Hondas and integra and drifting. Just cause it's not your style doesn't make it pointless someone could say you put all that money in a 4 cylinder or they could say your style is boring. What I'm trying to say is that just because it's not your way doesn't make it pointless

  • If his tires aren't tuckin he isn't worth fuckin.

  • It's " I couldn't care less " dumbass!

  • " If you have to ask me why, you most likely wouldnt understand…" That goes for all forms of automotive culture.

  • That stance trend is so stupid. It looks dumb and serves no purpose but to wear out your tires. So many asians in my town have 350z with their wheels like that

  • I feeel u lol i mean i love the low look on whips but in limbo its how low u can go and still perform lol i dont wanna have to break my knees to win … or go WAY negative camber

  • stance damages tires. but track damages engines and burns tires… I mean, it's all preference.. don't have a stancd, but, I appreciate different. you just have Different taste. you're not wrong. just overly opinionated..

  • stance is stupid looking RETARTED.!!

  • Oni-cam is old jdm drift scene shit and kinda VIP related and you know a lot of us into Japanese import love that good old JDM flava

  • camber done right is good for your car camber helps you keep more contact with the road while turning

  • I see stance the modern day of hot rodding your car. People been slamming and customizing cars for a long ass time lol.

  • hey keep up the good work. I'd love to have one of your stickers sir!

  • Stancing a car is differently for driftin (not a pointless mod)

  • yes it is. everyone sating no is ass hurt cuz their car looks like what hes talking about

  • Wouldnt say its rice but just a style. Ask yourself this, if stance is rice what exactly is lowriders?

  • Do you smoke the devils lettuce ?

  • Bottom line; stance is not safe for public driving to begin with. You basically ruin your cars suspension. All it takes is a moment for a car to lose traction. Without proper suspension and driving skill. That traction loss can become more detrimental when originally it wouldn't of been much of an issue. Constantly damaging the undercarriage and putting heavy wear on suspension parts. I wouldn't buy a car if I knew it was stanced. And I dislike having to share the roads with people running stance cars. They have to stop for things cars normally don't have to stop for(because they will damage their cars or get stuck). And their cars are unsafe for public roads.

  • Stance is an art form. Like boso builds. Ricers try to make their car look fast while stance is for looks and their is even a k series integra that is stanced and beats ferraris so suck a fat one bro

  • Fetty waps brother

  • now and days cars with "tilted" wheels are bagged, m i wrong?

  • Who is this ugly ass nigga lmaooo

  • yes. stance is rice on steroids

  • What I find funny are the people getting so defensive about the stance look when it's called rice. Your car is just being called out for what it is. Slow, useless, and terrible looking, Not a huge difference between what rice was considered back in the day. The difference is just how you're perceived by other people. Either way whether it's "rice" or not, you still look like a dumbass…this includes people putting window nets on their daily Integras that probably have no clue what its actual function is. People respect lap times and performance, not retarded ass show cars.

  • Stance is like breaking your legs because you think it looks better. When your mom's minivan can put up a faster lap time around the Nurburgring than your "stanced" car, something is very wrong. I actually doubt any stance scene car would make it around the Nurburgring without breaking down.

  • what rims are those in that Honda for the video ?

  • Back in the late 90s rice was used by those who didn't own "imports" and today it's used more frequently by those who drive "imports." Now they have modified the meaning but lets keep it real, it was used as a stigma toward imports. Then people were tired of hearing that their cars were rice so they tried to make their cars look as stock as possible with oem or jdm parts. I respect your opinion on stance bc I feel the same in certain ways. I see stance cars as a immature era to the car scene similar to VIP, purely for the aesthetics but those eras fade quickly. In ways we feel responsible bc it's an import but we need to eliminate that stigma of rice bc you represent your ride and it represents you. Not everything will be liked but we should still show respect toward the culture bc the import culture keeps growing into new creative ideas and I respect that.

  • It is rice. There's no point. It's unnecessary therefore it's rice. Just like stickers

  • Stop hating buddy lol

  • I don't want to discredit your opinions and I honestly don't like the stance culture. But I feel the term ricer is a little bit more of a mislabeling. I feel the term is more of a race inspired mod. And yes I understand that camber is at its base a race inspired practice. But the stance culture is much more of a cosmetic thing. But for lack of a better term I would agree that for now we could stick with rice. however I feel like the stance mods did accomplish their purpose and therefore wouldn't be an unnecessary mod. In the same manner that me getting an angle kit on my drift car doesn't help me on a drag strip could be considered a useless mod to drag racers. They are making show cars, we are making racecars/drift cars.Now I would say that if I went out to a drift event and there was someone whose only mods were lowering springs, fat rims, and a tucked stretched tire running -30 camber on both fronts and rears attempting a drift. I would applaud him for his effort, and laugh because he is about to do some unspeakable things to his car. Then offer advise as a car enthusiast because that's what we all are. And if he's serious about drifting I would suggest he mod differently.

    TLDR: Rice maybe isn't the right term. Its serves the purpose the owner put it on for. It could be considered a dumb mod if he tried to use it for something other than for show. But as enthusiasts its up to us to educate if they are trying to use it for things other than for show/personal preference.

  • Think I lost brain cells watching this lmao. Because you don't like it, it's rice? How was this a discussion video?

  • A ricer calling people ricers

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