• "it's a W rated tire" as camara pans across the lable saying V lol

  • Bought these for my mk IV wagon and they have been nothing but a pain to make fit lmao. The holes for 5×100 are so narrow that you cant fit a lug bolt into, so I had to do a lug conversion and now I can't find and lug nuts that are open top and fit in there, sheesh. They look great though, got two of them on!

  • 205 tyre's ideal width is 7j rite… Now this setup is with 8j?

  • u deserve way more subs for the effort u put in ur vids. i suggest taking a more smooth approach and dont try so hard because you will get the same output. i feel bad for people who make amazing content and dont get the attention they deserve

  • That tire is a V rating, not W

  • geez that mini could take off with that wing hahaha

  • truth about Avant Garde wheels please!

  • nice wheels and that color too. need pics of them on the car tho

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